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Royal Thai

Traditional Thai massage

Традиционный тайский массаж — драгоценный лотос среди всех видов массажа. Это эталон оздоровительных практик, который возвращает жизненные силы, дарит гибкость и легкость во всем теле и прекрасное самочувствие!

Классический тайский массаж — это пассивная йога, в которой не потребуется физических усилий: за вас все сделает массажист. Древняя оздоровительная практика направлена на увеличение подвижности суставов, восстановление кровообращения, снятие болевых ощущений и напряжения в мышцах, повышение общего тонуса. Массаж выполняется на специальном мате. При этом клиент одет в легкую хлопковую пижамку, не стесняющую движений.

Traditional Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage – a precious lotus-flower among all other kinds of massage. It’s the gold standard of health-and-wellness practices, helping to restore vitality while providing flexibility and lightness to the entire body and a fantastic sense of well-being!
5 400 ₽
4 200 ₽
2 800 ₽

“Imperial massage,” traditional Thai massage (performed by two therapists)

Traditional Thai massage performed by two therapists. The aim of the massage is to bring the body into a state of physical and mental balance, boost the inflow of vital energy, and improve the body’s overall tone. It is also recommended for those with a sedentary and low-activity lifestyle to improve functional performance and mental speed, in cases of chronic fatigue and bouts of stress.
10 000 ₽
5 600 ₽

Lymphatic drainage massage

The main goals of lympho-drainage massage are the excretion of excess fluid and the harmful substances that can accumulate as a result of metabolic disturbances, poor diet and stress. It has an active effect on subcutaneous fat (hypodermis) and stagnant formations in the skin tissues, normalizes metabolism, and destroys cellulite while helping to eliminate excess weight.
4 250 ₽
2 850 ₽

"Breath of Siam”, traditional Thai massage with herbal balls

The unique balls are filled with Thai herbs: mountain ginger, turmeric, Kafir lime, cryptolepsis buchanani, aromatic curcuma, patchouli, camphor. The secret to the massage lies in the gentle effect the warmth of the steamed herbs has on the body’s tissues, which in turn has a positive effect on biologically-active points and facilitates the transmission of the body’s bioelectric impulses.
5 700 ₽
4 400 ₽

“Energy boost”, traditional Thai massage and foot massage

Massage combines the Traditional Thai massage and half-hour foot massage. Works on all energy points. Massage movements are complemented by acupuncture on the active points of the feet. It’s the best-possible medicine for insomnia, chronic fatigue and nervous tension.
5 400 ₽
4 200 ₽

“Shiatsu”, Japanese massage

This kind of massage only uses the pressing technique, which is considered a safe way of acting on specific biologically-active points, which are used to help treat the internal organs. It relieves fatigue, alleviates various painful sensations and discomfort after operations and injuries, relieves exhaustion, ailments, tiredness and disturbances in the proper functioning of systems and organs, and is effective in improving the body’s overall tone and physical performance.
3 800 ₽

“Nirvana”, massage for the head, ears and face + traditional foot massage (performed by two therapists)

It’s a unique program combining head-and-foot massage in a single procedure! It’s performed simultaneously by two therapists, helping to achieve maximum relaxation.
2 500 ₽

“Bright thoughts”, massage for the head, ears and face

Massage for the face, ears and scalp. Can be enjoyed as a standalone procedure, or as a complement to your favorite massage. It’s not only highly enjoyable, but also a very beneficial procedure: activates the body’s natural defenses, boosts the overall condition of the nervous system, relieves fatigue.
1 600 ₽

"Peace and harmony”, traditional Thai massage for the collar zone + foot massage

Anti-stress massage targeting the neck, shoulders (collar zone) and upper back (30 minutes), plus foot massage (30 minutes). If you’re constantly in a state of tension, bothered by neck or chest osteochondrosis, suffer from frequent headaches or blood-pressure fluctuations, this is the perfect massage for you.
2 500 ₽

“Lightness of being”, anti-stress massage of the collar zone

Anti-stress massage targeting the shoulders (collar zone), arms and upper back. If you suffer from a constant sense of tension, frequent headaches or blood-pressure fluctuations, this is the perfect massage for you.
1 600 ₽

“Tiger Power”, program based on traditional Thai massage

Профессиональные массажные техники наших СПА-терапевтов способны заставить циркулировать спящую энергию, взбодрят дух, повысят настроение.<br /><br />
»Традиционный тайский массаж<br /><br />
»ФУТ-массаж<br /><br />
»Массаж лица, головы, ушей
5 400 ₽

Traditional Thai foot massage

Massage for the feet and lower legs, helps relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The massage is performed with the help of the fingers and a special wooden cane, and also features the use of massage cream and warming oils. During the session the client is positioned in a special seat, and only needs to expose the skin of the feet.
2 500 ₽
1 600 ₽