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Royal Thai

Programs for two

SPA programs for two are created for those who want to share their minutes of bliss with their special someone! You can head off on an exotic SPA voyage, destined to revel in the heavenly aroma of natural oils, reap the rewards of wraps and organic masks, traditional balls filled with healing herbs, and enjoy many other Thai rituals for the body and soul. You can also go together for a couples’ massage: oil, aromatic or traditional. During the SPA and massage for two, you can share your impressions, feel the closeness with the one you love, and be happy for one another.  
The Royal Thai salon is a great place for a romantic date or rendezvous. Each moment at the salon will provide you with unforgettable rest-and-relaxation. You’ll be treated to magical Thai décor, burning candles, quiet music and delicate masters who will be happy to provide you both with pleasure.

Traditional Thai massage for two

Традиционный тайский массаж позволяет добиться, как глубокого расслабления, так и естественного притока жизненных сил. При этом значительно повышается тонус кровеносных сосудов и увеличивается подвижность суставов. Выбор необходимого Вам варианта зависит от Вашей физической подготовки. Рекомендуется начинать с первого уровня.<br /><br />
* Запись в комнату для двоих возможна во все салоны кроме ROYAL THAI на Комендантском, Фурштатской и Колпино.
8 800 ₽
5 900 ₽

"Thai dreams" for two

Oil massage has a revitalizing and soothing effect, relieves tension. The oil-soaking technique stimulates blood circulation and restores skin elasticity. The procedure enhances immunity. & Lt; br / & gt; <br />
* Entry into a room for two is possible only in ROYAL THAI on Nevsky, Furshtatskaya, Komendantsky, Kolomyazky, Hammam on Nevsky and in Pushkin.
9 900 ₽
6 700 ₽

"Paints of Thailand" for two

Scrub and oil are applied evenly - gentle to the body, but sufficient to achieve skin cleansing and slag removal. Massage is done in such a way as not to injure the skin. During the wrap - acupressure face massage with an emphasis on facial wrinkles, acupressure of the ears and head massage. Then you immerse yourself in a warm milk bath, after which an aroma massage is made on the basis of a moisturizing lotion with the elaboration of energy zones, aimed at nourishing the skin after cleansing. You can choose from 5 types of SPA programs, the main difference of which is the scrub:  
- & quot; Coconut Paradise & quot; cream-based scrub  
- & quot; Orange Delight & quot; based on salt scrub  
- & quot; Fig Tea & quot; based on salt scrub  
- & quot; papaya fruit salad & quot; cream-based scrub  
- & quot; Coffee with cinnamon & quot; cream-based scrub  
* Entry into the room for two is possible only in the ROYAL THAI Hammam on Nevsky, Furshtatskaya, on Komendantsky, Nevsky, Kolomyazky and Pushkin.
13 850 ₽