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Royal Thai

Oil massage

Масляный массаж оказывает восстанавливающее и успокаивающее воздействие, снимает напряжение. Техника «пропитывания» маслом стимулирует циркуляцию крови и восстанавливает эластичность кожи. Процедура повышает иммунитет.

“Thai daydreams”, Thai oil-massage 

Oil massage with a restorative and calming effect, relieves tension. The “oil saturation” technique stimulates blood circulation and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. The procedure helps boost immunity.  
6 000 ₽
4 700 ₽
3 200 ₽

“Aloe Vera”

Calming procedure for the body featuring Aloe-Vera cream. The Aloe-Vera anti-aging body-massage cream is a natural source of this fresh and powerful antioxidant. Helps reduce the skin’s level of acidity, thereby preventing its premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Facilitates oxygen exchange between the cells, thereby providing a healing effect for skin inflammation, irritation and breakouts. Effectively treats sunburns.
3 900 ₽

Lymphatic drainage oil-massage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps alleviate the puffiness and ailments often associated with lymph-flow disturbance. As a result, your skin is rejuvenated while you lose inches and gain an improved sense of well-being. During the lympho-drainage massage session, the specialist uses slow, undulating strokes with varying degrees of pressure, as well as kneading and patting. You’ll feel pleasantly relaxed and your body will feel unbelievably light after just the first procedure.
4 900 ₽
3 400 ₽

“Imperial oil massage,” performed by two therapists

Oil massage performed by two therapists. The aim of the massage is to bring the body into a state of physical and mental balance, boost the inflow of vital energy, and improve the body’s overall tone. It is also recommended for those with a sedentary and low-activity lifestyle to improve functional performance and mental speed, in cases of chronic fatigue and bouts of stress.
10 000 ₽

“BE FRESH,” Thai aromatic oil-massage with choice of scrub

Your chance to relieve stress and fatigue while caring for the condition of your skin.
5 500 ₽

“Stone massage,” relaxing massage with hot stones

Relaxing massage with hot stones, which acts on all levels of the body: physical and emotional, stimulates the immune system, improves microcirculation, boots metabolism, eliminates blockages, harmonizes the positive inflow of energy. Encourages the deep relaxation of the entire body. The massage is performed with stones of volcanic rock. 
5 100 ₽

“Little Buddha” 

For children aged 7-16, we offer a low-intensity session. The procedure is performed with the use of aromatic oil, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the respiratory organs while normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system, boosting the nourishment and elasticity of the skin.
2 300 ₽

“Thai legend,” Thai oil-massage with herbal balls

The unique balls, filled with Thai herbs (mountain ginger, turmeric, Kafir lime, cryptolepsis buchanani, aromatic curcuma, patchouli, camphor), combined with the traditional Thai and oil massage, create a truly-unforgettable effect!
6 500 ₽
5 100 ₽

Sports massage

The sports massage provides relief from pain, tension and heaviness in the muscles, joints and spine, helps heal injuries sustained under physical exertion. When used as a means for preparing for strenuous activity, sports massage helps warm up muscles, improves blood flow to tissues, organs and their related systems, accelerates the body’s metabolic processes.
6 600 ₽
4 950 ₽
3 300 ₽


New program OIL GOLD.
Relaxing oil-massage “Oil Gold” featuring oil infused with gold particles.
4 000 ₽