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Royal Thai

Figure-correction programms

At the ROYAL THAI salon chain, you can not only plunge into an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, restore your mental harmony and revitalize your health, but also take a course of corrective massages designed to achieve and maintain the perfect figure. Each shaping program at ROYAL THAI boasts its own unique features and is designed to achieve very specific goals. Just lie back, relax and enjoy the luxurious SPA procedures and Thai massage, and our therapists will delicately and professionally do everything necessary so that your body looks simply amazing.

"ROYAL SLIM" special corrective program

The program begins with a special ritual of washing the feet in a milk bath, after which a light scrub is applied with Thai herbs to pre-clean and prepare the body for applying an anti-cellulite mask. For 20 minutes, while the mask reveals its properties, the master concentrates on the massage of the head, and then begins a slim massage with the use of fragrant anti-cellulite oil.
Even after the first visit you will feel the lightness and smartness of your body, and the effect of this slim program will manifest itself in a few days.
5 700 ₽

Cedar Barrel

A cedar-barrel procedure is one of the most effective means of cleansing the body of its accumulated toxins and waste. Steaming, particularly in combination with massage and peeling, allows the body to rid itself of all of its built-up harmful substances through the pores of the skin.
950 ₽

"Magic of the Ocean" styling program

The best of the ocean for harmony and youth of your silhouette! Corrective program based on a mask with algae and a massage with a lotion to improve the lymphatic system. The program helps to lose weight, improve skin condition. Achieving an excellent lifting effect and skin rejuvenation.
6 950 ₽

"Detox Slim" Correction Program

The best program to quickly prepare yourself for the summer, an important event or just to keep your body in great shape! Detox Slim is aimed at body shaping, weight loss and tightening the contours of the body.
6 950 ₽

“Udvartana”, Indian anti-cellulite powder massage

Intensive full body oil massage for body shaping and slimming. Restores metabolic processes, enhances microcirculation, promotes the removal of excess fluid and toxins, getting rid of cellulite and improving muscle and skin tone.
5 200 ₽

SLIM oil massage with anti-cellulite oil

During the slim massage, the whole body is worked out with an emphasis on problem areas. The massage provides lifelongation, smoothing the skin and strengthening the contours of the silhouette.
3 350 ₽
4 950 ₽
6 300 ₽

Anti-cellulite Balinese massage

The technique of Balinese massage allows you to "introduce" the useful substances of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, the anti-cellulite procedures of island masters are so effective. Natural oils of ginger and orange affect the skin in a complex. They not only help reduce fatty surplus, but also make the body more smooth and fit. And thanks to the improvement of the lymphatic drainage system, the swelling will disappear and the silhouette will become more graceful.
4 950 ₽
3 350 ₽

Balinese SPA Balancing Program

The ideal program for those who like to combine the benefits and pleasure. The procedure will help to bring the body into shape, correct the problem areas and tighten the contours. After the massage with natural oils, an algae-based scrub and wrap follow. Such an integrated approach helps to normalize the body's metabolic processes and preserve the effect of the procedure for a long time. 100% natural care cosmetics have a beneficial effect not only on the condition of the muscles, but also on the skin. Smooth, toned body that delights - guaranteed effect of a Balinese corrective program
6 750 ₽
5 700 ₽

«HOT Chili» - Perfect contour. Anti-cellulite program

A combination of traditional Thai oil massage with contour-firming oil and body shaping cream.
6 950 ₽
4 600 ₽

Balinese face massage with argan oil

Thanks to the Balinese lifting, the facial contours are leveled, the local blood circulation is normalized, mimic and gravitational wrinkles are reduced
1 700 ₽