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Royal Thai

Figure-correction programms

At the ROYAL THAI salon chain, you can not only plunge into an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, restore your mental harmony and revitalize your health, but also take a course of corrective massages designed to achieve and maintain the perfect figure. Each shaping program at ROYAL THAI boasts its own unique features and is designed to achieve very specific goals. Just lie back, relax and enjoy the luxurious SPA procedures and Thai massage, and our therapists will delicately and professionally do everything necessary so that your body looks simply amazing.

Cedar Barrel

A cedar-barrel procedure is one of the most effective means of cleansing the body of its accumulated toxins and waste. Steaming, particularly in combination with massage and peeling, allows the body to rid itself of all of its built-up harmful substances through the pores of the skin.
900 ₽

«HOT Chili» - Perfect contour. Anti-cellulite program

A combination of traditional Thai oil massage with contour-firming oil and body shaping cream.
6 600 ₽
4 400 ₽

Lymphatic drainage oil-massage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps alleviate the puffiness and ailments often associated with lymph-flow disturbance. As a result, your skin is rejuvenated while you lose inches and gain an improved sense of well-being. During the lympho-drainage massage session, the specialist uses slow, undulating strokes with varying degrees of pressure, as well as kneading and patting. You’ll feel pleasantly relaxed and your body will feel unbelievably light after just the first procedure.
4 900 ₽
3 400 ₽

Lymphatic drainage massage

The main goals of lympho-drainage massage are the excretion of excess fluid and the harmful substances that can accumulate as a result of metabolic disturbances, poor diet and stress. It has an active effect on subcutaneous fat (hypodermis) and stagnant formations in the skin tissues, normalizes metabolism, and destroys cellulite while helping to eliminate excess weight.
4 250 ₽
2 850 ₽