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Royal Thai

You can choose any of a variety of our procedures by collecting them in one subscription! Discounts are provided depending on the number of visits and the period of validity of the subscription. Our experts will help determine and tell you about all our offers.

Create a package of services convenient for you!

from 5 visits - 10%, valid for 1.5 months

from 10 visits - 20%, valid for 3 months

from 20 visits - 30%, valid for 5 months


• Regular visits at any time convenient for you by appointment

• The master, who will be suitable for you on energy and coincide with your biological clock

• The level of intensity, the most comfortable for you

• Formation of the package of salon services - individual selection of services (from the main price list) and determining the number of visits

Additional terms of purchase:

One-time payment (For courses of massages from 10 visits installments are possible)
Return of services is not performed.

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